About us

Company Target Media Group Ltd. provides, installs and maintains the industrial vacuum machines MASTERVAC manufactured in a company DELFIN SRL, Italy.

The field of application includes almost all industries. Our clients are chemical and pharmaceutical, textile, construction, wood and metal, electricity production, food processing, cleaning and other companies.

Depending on specific needs, we offer mobile and stationary machines, and central vacuum systems that can operate in a cyclic or continuous mode, in normal or severe conditions powered by monophase or threephase voltage and by compressed air. They are available in combination with a broad spectrum of self-cleaning filters and systems that comply with the various fields of application, such as:

     Work in explosive environments - ATEX, ZONES 1,2,21,22;

     Suction of waste with a high temperature using NOMEX filters preseparatori refrigerant and heat hoses and accessories;

     Retention of fine particles to 0.18 microns;

     Safe and waste-free collection of toxic or radioactive substances;

     Purification of oils and coolants to 6 microns;

     Simultaneously collecting dust, liquids and solids;

     Working in sync with production lines;

     Transportation of liquids and bulk materials.

The machines are manufactured from high quality materials, safe for the environment. They are quiet, reliable, easy to use and maintain, in accordance with European safety standards.

Our team, in collaboration with Italian counterparts, is ready to respond immediately to the needs of its current and future customers creating a loyal and long-term partnerships.